Varia indeed. My subconsciousness seems to have taken the title of my own blog too seriously 😉

Recently, I’ve noticed my English has gotten somewhat worse – I started making mistakes like everybody are is (crossed that out ’cause I heard one should see as little grammatical/spelling mistakes as humanly possible). Having a blog I decided to write something in English as I feel like it.

You’ve been warned 😉 Also, this particular note may be NSFW.

My German isn’t in better shape either. And that’s unfortunate. Frankly I didn’t do jack besides listening to podcast from DW or DRadio Wissen. Like this one, about procrastination.  Of course, I don’t understand much but like with English long time ago or with French, I do enjoy listening to stuff.

Speaking of French a blogger I follow on Twitter (thus, you should follow me) shared this amazingly hilarious YT profile. If you speak French, don’t hesitate and go check it out (some clips have subtitles in English however, they seem to be in minority).

Edit: Of course, at the time of writing, I’ve forgotten that it was Matt from TheLanguageDojo who shared it on Twitter 🙂

If I liked it, I’m pretty sure those of you who can understand French, will be amazed 🙂

The other day I came across a web page I almost forgot about, it estimates how many English words you know. I’d done this few years back and, sadly, nowadays the result is similar. I must just read more. I’ve got still The Exegesis waiting for me 😉

My matura exam is nigh, so I made a study plan for remaining days. On Friday I got a book with chemistry problems which, in itself, isn’t anything in particular it comes, however, with a really helpful visual aid. A DVD with some of the problems presented in a clip form – just like these lucky pupils have in scientific-oriented-classes in high school. An example of what I’m talking about:

These movies are intended to be just an aid so I’m assuming that’s why there’s no commentary whatsoever. Still, they are extremely helpful since I’m  kinda a visual learner 😉  I only wish I knew about something like that back in the days when I took matura exam for the first time.